Dental implants are the system that we apply in order to restore function, aesthetics, and health in dental deficiencies. These implants are screws made of titanium, which are robust, reliable, hygienic, and designed in accordance with the tissue that we place inside the bone and resemble the roots of the teeth.

Is Dental Implant reliable?
The titanium substance used for implants is a metal structure that does not react at all with the tissue and has high biocompatibility. Titanium has been used in dentistry for nearly 50 years. Implants are made in an environment with good planning and experienced team and sterilization, and good care from the patient side will result in highly successful implants.

Patients who can not do implants
Patients with any systemic disease must consult their dental doctor, then after that, the doctor will decide whether it’s suitable to make the implant or not.

In which cases is the implant made?
Implants can be made for all our patients, both one tooth and all teeth. Patients with a successful implant can use it for life. In addition to completely fixed prostheses, upper structure moving prostheses can be made for all our patients with tooth deficiency. Implants may not be possible for every person; If patients without back teeth want a fixed prosthesis, then it can only be possible to do an implant.

How is implant applied?
First of all, the person should be examined well and dental tomography can be taken in addition to the panoramic film. After planning is made, the operation is started. The operation is performed under local anesthesia. Each implant lasts about 10-20 minutes. During implant surgery, the implants are placed inside the bone, and the sutures or stitches are removed. A bone graft or sinus operation may be required during this operation.  After implants are placed, it may require 2 months to 6 months to wait for the implant (for the fusion of the implant and bone). In some cases, upper prostheses can be installed immediately after the operation.

Implants of upper prosthesis
After the implant and the bone, fusion is completed and the tooth crown is started, In about 7-10 days, our prosthesis will be completely finished.